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                           Jamie Walsh and Mel Rodriguez, Co Founders


About Jamie:

Jamie Walsh is co-founder and creative director of Theweartogogirls.com. She is a fashion blogger and founder of glamlatte.com. Along with working with  The Wear to go Girls, Jamie has modeled, acted and hosted. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Broadcast Journalism. A creative being at heart, she has a passion for many things in life including traveling and spending time with her girlfriends.

To contact Jamie email: jamie@theweartogogirls.com

About Mel:

Melissa Rodriguez is co-founder and editorial director of Theweartogogirls.com.  She is a fashion blogger and founder of modanistajunkie.com, a fashion journal and place to showcase her DIY talents known as Mel Made. Prior to the launch of theweartogogirls.com, Mel attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and later worked for well known designers. Through this she has built great relationships with department stores as well as local boutiques. Along with her love for fashion is spending time with her family, her bf and her four furry babies.

To contact Mel email: Mel@theweartogogirls.com

About Patti: 

Patti Anglin is the resident photographer of Theweartogogirls.com. She has been published in various newspapers and magazine’s in the Los Angeles area and has a long list of clients for portraits and family photos. Patti’s love of photography began at an early age and her desire to capture beauty through her lens led her to study photography and eventually launch her freelance business Patti Anglin Photography. Photographing streetstyle photos for the fashion blog glamlatte.com led her to becoming an integral part of The Wear to go Girls.

  • To contact Patti email: Patti.anglin@yahoo.com
  • Follow her on Twitter: @pattianglin
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